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Well the Web-Site provides you with the utility to generate QR codes for:

Which wen scanned(using a smartphone and barcode reader app on it not to mention again..;-)) takes the user to the specified url.
Phone Number--
Which when scanned provides your phone number which can be dailed or added up to contacts.
Which when scanned provides a feature that enables the user to mail you on your email id...
Which when scanned provides a feature to message up on that number.
Me Card
Stores all your contact information which can be shared just by a QR code..on scanning provides features like Add to contact,Search on Map,Dail Number etc.

You Get all this by just 1 click......:-)
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Select The Type of QR code You want to Create....


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Phone Number

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Enter the no to send SMS to:

Me Card

Enter your Name:    
Please add name like Lastname,FirstName Example if Lastname=last Firstname=first then type in last,first(Recommended).
Enter your Address:
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Here is a small tutorial that will help you to know what your QR code Contains...
To be more clear you get to know what information your QR code will provide when it gets scanned through a barcode reader on a smart phone.
We will use the Zxing Online Decoder for this purpose..(Dont worry evn if you dont know about it its ok!!Actualy It hardly matters..:-D)
So just Click here to go to the Zxing Page.
The page provide two input fields:
1)Enter image URL:---Here You can enter the image url that is being displayed on the page that displays your QR Code.
Just click input box of your QR code url Press Ctrl+A(to select all) then Press Ctrl+C(To copy) and now paste the link in the field and click on submit.
2)Upload a File:---If you have saved your QR code to your PC(Which you must actually do..:-)) just upload your QR code file and click on submit.
Truely Speaking there is no step 3..:-P if you would have followed step 1 and step 2 correctly you would have decoded successfully.In case of errors please repeat the above steps(This time a bit more carefully..;-)).If further error persists feel free to contact...;-)
Understanding Your Result
On Submiting and decoding succesfully you will be provided with a result which is quite easy to understand but still i feel like mentioning it so for your ease.
Raw text & Raw bytes:This is something that your QR code contains in but its not a matter of concern for you.
Barcode Format:Specifies the type of barcode(There are various types 1D 2D(QR codes) etc.)In our case it is always going to be QR_CODE
Parsed Result Type:Now this is something we might be looking for. This provides us the basic idea for what our QR code is made..
Different Results have different meaning
1)URI represents that a QR code is generated for a Hyperlink and thus on scanning may provide options like open in browser,share etc.
2)TEL represents that a QR code is generated for a Telephone Number and thus on scanning may provide options like Add to contacts,Dial Number.
3)EMAIL_ADDRESS represents that a QR code is generated for an email address and thus on scanning may provide options like send email etc.
4)SMS represents that a QR code is generated for sending a SMS to a phone number and thus on scanning may provide options like send sms etc.
5)ADDRESSBOOK represents that a QR code is generated for saving up a contact to address book and thus on scanning may provide options like Dail number,save to contacts,search on map etc
Parsed Result:This represents the data contained in your QR code.
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